Story Sections

Creating Story Sections

Anytime you create a new beat within StoryShop, an associated story section will be created within Writer. Similarly, anytime you create a new story section, an associated blank beat will be created within Planner. 

Navigating Story Sections

To navigate through your story sections in Writer, either:

  1. Click through each story section within the outline anchored to the left on the page within Writer, or

  2. Use the navigation buttons anchored at the bottom of the writing space to move between story sections (or to create a new section on the fly). 

Re-ordering Story Sections

The tight integration between Writer and Planner allows you to be flexible while working on your story. Whenever you reorder story section in Writer, the associated beat also gets appropriately reordered on the Planner side.

Reordering action taken within Writer

Result of reordering carries over to Planner

Grouping Story Sections

 You have two options when it comes to grouping your story sections:

Separated Story Sections (default)

By default, all story sections are separate. When you download your manuscript to .DOCX, page breaks will be inserted after any separated sections.

Combined story sections

Any child sections can be combined with the parent to create a larger story section by selecting the paper icon in the top-left corner of the parent section. Combined story sections will be formatted as a single section with the manuscript is downloaded as a .DOCX.

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