Tagging and Indexing

So, what is this tagging and indexing you speak of? I know, it may sound scary at first, but it’s super easy and really powerful.

Here’s what’s amazing. Everything in StoryShop is connected, kind of like a giant LEGO SpongeBob. Okay, not like that at all, but all of your Characters, Elements, and Stories can be cross referenced so everything in your story is there, right at your fingertips.

Let’s dive in.

After you create a character, head into the character summary and start typing. If you want to mention a character—and link to them—just select the @ key, and all of your characters will pop up. 

Choose the one you want to reference and bingo! There’s a link.

Need to mention one of your Element cards? No problem, hit the # key and there they are. Those can autocomplete or you can use the arrow navigation to select the one you want.

Elements are pretty much the same as Characters. Hit the @ key to reference a character or the # key to reference other Elements in the world you’re working in.

The big difference here is that tags are used to filter your Element cards. You can tag locations, minor characters, bad guys, whatever you want to keep track of.

Your tags are located on your Element cards.

So, if you want to see all of your characters or locations, just select that tag and they all pop up. For this example I'll select MAP.

Or, maybe you want to view all of your tags again, just click Show All. 

Here’s an example of a really cool thing you can do with tags, the @ key, and the # key. First, create an Element card for all of your, hmm, let’s say... Demon Brain Suckers.

Once you've named your new Element card you can create tags like: bad guys, demons, brain suckers, etc., or whatever you think is important enough to keep track of.

Then, in the description, @mention each of your Demon Brain Suckers.

When you’re in your story, writing your beats, and need to reference Demon No 5, hit the # key and select Demon Brain Suckers, and all of your Brain Sucking Demons are there.

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