Getting Started with Stories

Yes!!! Stories. This is where the magic happens.

You create the beats for your story here, the complete outline that you start writing from.

And creating beats is a breeze, just click the return button. 

Want to write a few paragraphs in the beat you’re in? No problem, just hold down the shift key when you hit return. 

Hit the tab key to nest the beat you just created under the one above it and shift-tab to bring it back out again. 

You can even change the colors of the beats. And everything is drag and drop sortable. It’s sooo cool!

Around here we call indexing StoryShop’s secret sauce, but don’t ask for the recipe, it’s a family secret.

Basically, everything in your story is linked to everything else. So at any point in the writing process you have an instant reference to the rest of your story so you’re never lost.

It’s so easy a writer could do it. Uhh…

No, really. Want to reference a character and create a link to them? Just press the @ key and enter their name. Maybe you need easy access to a location. No problem, just hit the # and enter the name of the element. Instant connection.

You’ll never be lost while creating a story again.

Just a heads-up, when you delete a beat it delete’s all of the tabs nested underneath it as well. There’s a warning so you should be fine, just keep that in mind.

And of course you can add comments for your collaborators, or leave a note to yourself, if you’re so inclined, by selecting the comment bubble in the upper right-hand corner or by hitting the letter ‘c.’ This is a very handy feature.

Are you ready to write your story!? Nice. 

When you’re done with your outline you can export your beats to a text or OPML file — that you can import directly into Scrivener — by hovering over the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. 

Here's a video on creating stories to help you get started.

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