Creating Characters

Characters…where would our stories be without characters?

Creating a new character in StoryShop is super easy and, once added, you can hit the little star in the upper right-hand corner to add them to your favorites so they’re always at your fingertips in the left-hand nav bar. All the other characters will be in the All Characters view where you can drag them around and position them however you like.

Once you go into any character you've got a banner image that goes behind your character’s profile image, very similar to Facebook and, in the bottom left of your screen, you can add more images to your character’s gallery. Whatever pictures you want to give you a visual reference.

You can cast your characters right from the movies! Grab an image of the actor who best represents your villain and give them a really cool background image as well. Isn’t this exciting!?

There’s a ton more you can do with characters, just make sure you have fun doing it. 

Here's the first video in a series on building characters to help you get started.

This next video covers Character Attributes, Relationships, and the Gallery. 

This final video on Characters covers the Character Summary and Character DNA. Enjoy. :)

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