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As great as it looks, I can't see integrating StoryShop into my workflow without offline access. What am I supposed to do if I my entire character and world reference library is out of reach when I want to work from a cafe with no wifi, or during a long flight?

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Mark shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • a.laybourne.author commented  · 

    An offline mode is a definite need for me also. I get most of my writing done on the commute to work and the connection on the train is shaky at best. Not touched my book in more than a week on Storyshop as a result.

  • KT commented  · 

    Another vote for a completely standalone app. Web-based subscription is why I dropped Adobe. Writing is my full-time job and if I can't keep all aspects of a project wholly within my own system where I have full control, it's too much of a risk. (I don't even entrust docs to file hosting services.) Companies go out of business, an internet connection isn't always available, subs can suddenly rise, techncial problems are outside the user's control, and so on. There's a lot of competition in the story planning/ writing market, and being web-based is a turn-off for many when there are already apps that do much of what yours does plus a lot that it doesn't. I realise there are all kinds of issues with developing standalone apps that you don't have with a web-based service. But I'd happily pay top dollar for the right software. StoryShop seems to be a really good tool for managing story bibles, which is what made me try it out. I would have bought it for that alone.

  • LJ commented  · 

    I've just looked around here and I love what I see--subscribed for a month. I'm with everyone else here, though, was very disappointed to see it was in the cloud only. I do work with lots of SAAS apps but not being able to access my work if offline isn't comfortable. I like the interface suggestion like google drive syncing your work when you are back online. Hope something happens soon. I'm going to try it for a novella I'm working on in the meantime.

  • Etienne commented  · 

    Offline mode is definitely a must

  • jennyblackhurst commented  · 

    I love this app and really want to subscribe but while it only has online access I don't see that being a possibility. I've spent time replicating my world/characters in it to have a play around but can't justify spending any more time in an app that won't work while I'm on the train or in the car (don't panic - I'm not the driver.) Reluctantly giving up for now, hoping that something is worked out so I can give it another go.

  • Naomi commented  · 

    I'll add my voice in agreement, this needs an offline option before I could seriously consider using it. Syncing with the cloud like google docs does when back online. I work in coffee shops or on the plane when I travel and would need to be able to access this offline otherwise it's useless.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I like the look of Storyshop but if I can't use it offline, on all my devices, I won't be a customer.

  • Micah Joel commented  · 

    I normally write on my daily commute, on a train and a bus. The wifi on either is shaky. Sometimes it fades in and out. Sometimes it shows a strong signal, but none of the internet connections actually work. Using StoryShop in this environment is HORRIBLE, I'm sorry to say.

    I get long freezes while looking at a screen that says not to close the page until the connection is restored. Multiple times I got the dreaded "Uh oh! Looks like your content is out of sync with the database. Please reload the page to get up to date. If this happens often, please let us know." I permanently lost data.

    I'm a lifetime member from the kickstarter, and I can't use the product in its current form. :(

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Without an offline mode, this will be nothing more than a curiosity. Cool idea, but ultimately not for anyone who likes to write with the internet off (which is a lot of writers). I know you want a sub (another downside) but without an offline mode, I just can't use it or recommend it. Too bad, too, awesome idea.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I didn't realize how necessary offline access was until I tried to use storyshop so I haven't been able to use it for any of my projects. If offline access is not on the horizon, is there a way to gift my lifetime access (I was part of the kickstarter) to another person (My son is always online and would get much more use)?

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Yes please make this available offline, I was this close to buying it until I found out it was not an option.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    My outcome from an export function is have my information available when I'm off-line. There are plenty of occasions for me and other to be disconnected from the internet.

    When I write I like to turn off the internet, but using StoryShop makes that impossible, so the door is open to a lot of distraction. I know I'm not alone on this.

  • Edward Antrobus commented  · 

    I work from the road. I don't have an unlimited plan, and am nervous about the idea of using StoryShop without a way of tracking how much of my data is using.
    Order of preference for solving this:
    offline mode
    Data saver mode
    Actual stand alone app so I can actually see how much data it is using.

  • Rebecca Laffar-Smith commented  · 

    Yep, in fact the "web-based" "app" was the reason I didn't back it at Kickstarter level. I agree, having it in the cloud is fantastic but absolutely needs offline support to be the best it can be.

  • Jules commented  · 

    Yes please. I can't justify the expense until I'm published AND I can work on it offline unfortunately.
    I can't wait for writer though and the offline thing will probably have to be fixed by then out of necessity, simply so you can check and write, add and write ect.
    Does anyone have any idea what the cost will be for writer? I'm just concerned because $20 US a month is a lot here with our terrible exchange. Hopefully there will be a bundle.

  • Micah Joel commented  · 

    I needed to bust out StoryShop on the plane. I ended up working on the crossword instead.:(

  • Russell commented  · 

    I don't know how difficult the programming on something like this is, but I'm fully in support of the idea. Being trapped for several hours in a metal tube 10,000 feet in the air is a great time to get some authoring done, but it's not very helpful if your entire depository of notes is locked behind a forbidden signal.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Seconded. It would be great if it worked along the lines of Google Docs, i.e. it'll sync when wifi-connected but still allows me to work offline.

  • SC commented  · 

    Definitely need Offline!! I subscribed for a year but can't really use it much until offline is working. I travel for a living.

    But I am keeping my subscription because I know you guys will do great things and I want to support this project.

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