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Groupable Characters

Before I get to the suggestion, I have to give you guys some praise. The difference between the Storyshop beta and the current version is night and day, and I am super impressed with it. It's already showing itself to be an extraordinary tool and has given my co-author and I a huge boost in inspiration.

Okay, now for the suggestion! I would like to see an ability to group characters under faction tabs. For example, three characters belong in "The Conduits" supervillain faction, and four characters in "the Resistance." It would be awesome to have collapsible tabs that allow you to reveal or hide a subset of characters, for ease of navigation and organization.

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  • Patrick McLaughlin commented  · 

    Yes, this would be amazingly useful. I currently have separate lists for all these things. I see folks have already suggested using the tagging ability for characters. I vote for this!

  • Mark commented  · 

    I totally agree. I have a world that has multiple series. grouping or tagging the characters for each series would make things a whole lot easier.

  • Jeanette commented  · 

    Tags, please! The elements are fantastic, tags would be such a useful aspect for characters.

  • Ryan commented  · 

    Been said before, but just adding the tagging ability directly to characters would be great.

  • Lee commented  · 

    Adding tags to characters (even in the exact same way elements are tagged) would be awesome and make dealing with large casts of characters much easier.

  • Ciara commented  · 

    I want to start by saying, thank you, thank you, thank you. I love Story Stop. I'm seriously using it and have a bit more to do to learn everything it can do. I also want to second the group-able character feature. I work visually. I'd love to be able to have characters show up in a visual map with their little circular character pictures and names and strings branching out and connecting with each other. I have NO idea how difficult that would be. It would be amazing if I could have characters on a mission together (I write epic fantasy) be able to come together and then separate depending on a time stamp. For example, if this was Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship would all be grouped close together in the first movie because they're traveling together, no matter their other relationships, but later, Strider, Gimli, and Legolas group together, Sam and Frodo are together, and Pippin and Merry crowd up with the Ents. Meanwhile, Borimer's icon would gray out, to show he's passed the veil.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    yes, or even just reorganizing them would be good. I wish I could put the characters that are like one liners or dead from previous books really far down and keep the active characters in the middle. They're not as important to be stared, but I do look at them sometimes and it's hard to spot

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I would say if I may to be able to take characters to other worlds instead of recreating them again from scratch. If this already exists then awesome someone please show me how to do it.

  • Rebecca Laffar-Smith commented  · 

    Yep, would love to see Tagging for characters. Love how this works with Elements and would like to be able to do similar with Characters.

  • Neil Mosspark commented  · 

    Agreed, I have a number of bad guys that would be lumped into a faction or group.

    Grouping people by book as well. especially when using Storyshop for a series bible. This would be HUGE. Being able to identify what books they appeared in would be a bonus. If this was set up like you have done with the elements that would be amazing.

  • Emma commented  · 

    I write romance series with each book dealing with a different couple. I would like to be able to identify them by the story they appear in

  • Frances commented  · 

    I use the second image to mark factions. So the round profile is the char. but the rectangular banner is the same for all char. in that faction. It's easy to see at a glance, though I think tags would work as well.

  • SC commented  · 

    Yes, tagging for a large cast would be helpful.

  • Javier commented  · 

    Doesn't the use of tags solve this problem? I created a tag called "CSDL Kids" for all of the kids of parents in my "Colonial Space Defense League" (it's a kids' story) and all I have to do is click on this tag and they all show up. Another way to do this is to create an Element called "CSDL Kids" and then do @mentions for all of the characters in the group. That allows me to reference the entire group from within a beat.

  • J.J. Hartly commented  · 

    I'm looking for this feature as well, surprised it's not automatically a part of the program already since there is such an emphasis on tagging with elements.

  • Annabel commented  · 

    Definitely agree with this. Having 'folders' that you can burrow deeper into across the board would be helpful, not just for characters but being able to do so for the Story section, for Elements & so on too.

  • Brianna commented  · 

    I was about to make this same suggestion but for a different reason. I write epic fantasy, and I like to group my characters in POV characters, Secondary Characters, and Tertiary Characters so that I don't reuse the same names and I can keep track of these more minor characters that might inspire an idea for a short story in the little bit of time they pop into my story.

  • Frank Nemati commented  · 

    Similar thoughts with a fellow Story Shop user today. I'm on the low end of just adding folders to drag the characters between, he's on the high end of wanting characters to be "starred" by story rather than the entire setting. Anything would be appreciated, though.

  • Tom Hansen commented  · 

    I think the tagging system should be able to handle this, once fully implemented. I suggested elsewhere to have a Tag field added to the Character screen, so you can have globally searchable tags from characters, then all we need is a sidebar filter screen where you can setup custom filters with your own names. For instance, you can have a "Badguys" Pre-defined search, that shows all Characters and Elements with the tag: ,villian, henchmen, or lair. clicking that will give you a popup with everything that meets those criteria.

    Ulysses does this quite well with the ability to Create Filters.

  • Tom Hansen commented  · 

    With a large cast of characters, it would be handy to be able to filter them by tags at a minimum, but ideally by any text/attribute inside the character screen.

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