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Provide Templates for Outlines

This is another feature in the works - soon we'll have loadable genre-specific templates, plus custom ones for things like Hero's Journey.

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AdminStoryShop.io (Support Staff, StoryShop) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    can we create our own templates?

  • zaltair commented  · 

    Adam, thanks for the awesome work!

  • AdminAdam Bailey (Keymaster of StoryShop, StoryShop) commented  · 

    Hey guys, Story Templates are finally here!

    Check out the article in the Knowledge Base (just click on the Knowledge Base tab in the right hand menu) to find out how to get started. We really appreciate your suggestions, and especially your patience, throughout this whole process.

    Have fun and thanks for creating with StoryShop!

  • Brian Palmer commented  · 

    Granted, no one wants to clog up their code, but a solution to the template problem might be to allow users to save their own templates by laying out their beat structure in a story and then having the option to either copy a story (so, copy an empty story) or, alternatively, save a story as a template (a new kind of object) and then select a template from among those saved when you make a new story. You could share a template the same way you share a story that way. I see this started being explored about a year ago now, and I'm surprised it's still in development.

  • quentincasperson commented  · 

    Could we get an update from the programmers? Suggestion went in a year ago, probably the most important feature to me as well.

  • B. commented  · 

    A template that could show an interactive map of relationships between the primary characters in a story could be really useful (I'm thinking something like a mind map).

  • SC commented  · 

    Excited to see Outline templates and add our own.

  • Tom Hansen commented  · 

    Resurrecting the discussion on this now that we have a new version. Having used this quite a bit recently to plan out a new series, I would love to have drag/drop capabilities between stories. I have a "series" outline, but then I'm going to have more detailed book outlines, and having the ability to drag a whole book's tree to another story would be super handy.

    Maybe have a popup ask if you wish to cut/paste or copy/paste might be good, so the author can decide if they want it moved or copied. (For easy version, just have it copy and the author can delete what they don't want.)

  • Kristin commented  · 

    It's too one-note, so I cancelled my subscription, but storyplanner.com does a decent job of this exact thing. Worth taking a look at the free account for inspiration.

    It would also be nice to have shareable templates if people create their own. Also, tie the templates to the canonical references (StoryGrid, Save the Cat, etc), possibly even try to get the rights to pull text from the references so people can learn as they build their outlines.

  • thomasbennettishere commented  · 

    Maybe use tags somehow to say when a thing happened then have a way to look at the time tags so you don't necessarily have to look at things in order to be able to see their order.

  • zaltair commented  · 

    Genre templates. Cool idea.

  • DerekC commented  · 

    Is the Marketplace still an on-going idea for this? If we could create our own templates and share them with others, that would be cool too.

  • AdminStoryShop.io (Support Staff, StoryShop) commented  · 

    Thanks for the input, Sebastian!

    The ability to have your own custom templates in addition to a growing collection of built-in ones is definitely part of the plan. Keep an eye out for them to appear in the interface one day soon! :)

  • Sebastian Nielsen commented  · 

    Very cool idea. Please add option to create our own or modify the templates too.

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